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Student Flowchart Application CHECK BOTH

Academic Assessment - Canadian Geoscience Flowchart Application


Professional Member - US Temporary Licence Application FAQ CHECK ALL

Professional Member - US Mobility Application FAQ CHECK ALL

IMPORTANT If you have NOT passed the PPE, and would otherwise qualify for US Mobility, then apply for a Temporary Licence. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will allow you to upgrade your member status from Temporary Licence to US Mobility once you pass the PPE at the next renewal period.

Conduct an accredited program search >
Get details on the FE and PE exams >
Get details on the PPE > Step 5: Professional Practice Exam
Academic Assessment - Internationally Educated Flowchart Application



Pre-Registration Program Flowchart Application CHECK BOTH


View a list of CEAB accredited programs:

Professional Member - Canadian Mobility Flowchart Application CHECK ALL

* Applicants with disciplinary history may apply, however, must disclose the discipline. Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will investigate and may either allow or reject the application.

** Former members of the Association who have been de-registered for non-payment may apply but will be subject to additional requirements as per the reinstatement table in the Manual of Admissions.

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