Competency-Based Assessment

An applicant meets the requirements for professional practice experience when they have obtained the necessary competencies in the practice of engineering or geoscience. Competencies are defined as an identified skill set or knowledge base which the applicant must have attained to achieve professional registration.

The Association uses the competency-based assessment (CBA) model, in which specific competencies must be demonstrated. An applicant must demonstrate that they possess the core competencies by providing descriptions of situations from their work experience where they have used each competency. The core competencies allow the Assessor to assess the quality of work experience, by looking not just at what an applicant has done, but by also looking at how and why tasks are completed.

The Competency-Based Assessment System is intended to preserve the quality, responsibility, professionalism, and reputation of the P.Eng., P.Geo., Eng.L., and Geo.L. designations.

For an overview of how the Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) system is conducted, the competency framework, rating scale, and the roles of the validators and assessors, please watch this short video.

CBA is conducted to determine whether applicants have progressed to a professional level of competency in their field during their engineering or geoscience work experience. To achieve registration as a professional engineer (P.Eng.), professional geoscientist (P.Geo.), engineering licensee, or geoscience licensee, applicants must also meet a set of requirements. The CBA guide outlines the process and includes detailed information on competencies.


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