Step 1: Student Membership

The earliest opportunity to get involved with the Association is while obtaining your undergraduate degree.

Benefits of Student Membership

Student membership is not mandatory, however, it provides you with several benefits, including:

  • Claim up to 12 months of pre-graduation work experience toward your pre-registration requirements, making it possible to complete the pre-registration program in three years rather than the typical four years.
  • Pre-graduation credit application fee is waived if you maintain good standing
  • Become familiar with Association procedures before you apply for admission as an Intern
  • Receive copies of The Keystone Professional publication
  • Become eligible for discounted Association events
  • Become eligible for scholarships
  • Write the ABC Test before becoming an Intern

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Important things to know before you apply for Student Membership

Student Member Dates

The student membership year runs from October 1 to September 30 of each year. You must renew annually.

Who qualifies for Membership?

Must be an undergraduate student attending either the University of Manitoba, accepted into the Faculty of Engineering, either in direct entry or second year and have designated your department of study; or be an undergraduate Geoscience student at either the University of Manitoba or Brandon University.

Have you recently Graduated?

If you have recently graduated and are working in Manitoba or intend to work in Manitoba, you should enroll promptly as an Intern with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba to begin the pre-registration program. If you are a graduate who is planning to work or study outside of Manitoba, you should contact the provincial Association in that province to consider your best options.

Are you Graduating this year?

If you are in your final year of study and this is your first time applying as a Student Member with the Association, you will not be eligible for the waived Pre-Grad credit fee. To qualify for this benefit you must have been a Student Member for 2 or more years.

Additional Information

These can be helpful to get familiar with the process:

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