ABC Test Writing Process

The ABC Test is normally written at the time of application to the pre-registration program. It must be completed prior to your application being forwarded to the Registration Committee for review.

If you already have a profile

Students of the Association have a way to request the test at any time through their online profile. Others who wish to write the test can e-mail the Registration Coordinator to enable it in their profile.

If you do not have a profile

If you submit an application that requires the test, and have not completed the ABC Test, you will be contacted by e-mail with the details to claim your online profile and complete the test.

If you want more time to complete the test before the next Registration Committee deadline, you can request a profile before submitting your application, by sending an e-mail the Registration Coordinator:

  • A request to write the ABC Test
  • Your Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Mailing address

The Registration Coordinator will e-mail you an ID number suitable for login.

New and existing members

Write the test to reach a passing score (90% or higher). If you fail the ABC Test three times, we may ask you to attend an interview to discuss the purpose and function of the Association. Following the interview, you must complete a long-answer version of the ABC Test.

Once you pass the test, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will automatically process your Application for Admission to the pre-registration program. If you haven't already submitted your application, you should do so as soon as you start your engineering employment if not before.