Application and Maintenance


The student year runs from October 1 to September 30 of each year. Online renewals begin in August. New applications and reinstatements after August 1st count for the upcoming year.

Annual Fees

Student applications, renewals, and reinstatements cost $20 each year, with the respective fees being donated back to your University student organization.

Are you Graduating this year?

If you are in your final year of study and this is your first time applying as a Student with the Association, you will not be eligible for the waived Pre-Grad credit fee. To qualify for this benefit you must have been a Student with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba for 2 or more years.

Application Form

Application for Student Enrollment (Online)


Once you have completed the online application, you will be assigned an ID number and sent a temporary password along with instructions on how to login to your online profile.


You need to renew annually. Please login to your profile and renew online. The online student renewal is available from August to November. If you require assistance, please contact the Student Coordinator. See Renewal for details.


If you missed the renewal period and you would like to reinstate please login to your profile and follow the prompts to reinstate. If you have forgotten your ID number, or don't have access to the e-mail on file any longer, please e-mail the Student Coordinator. Note that the Student Program is for undergraduate students only.

Claiming Pre-Graduation Work Experience

Students can claim for professional experience gained through summer or co-op employment, however, only time earned at least half-way through your degree (at least 58 credit hours completed) will be credited.

  1. Be an active Student with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba; by submitting an application or renewing each year
  2. Login to your online profile; your ID number is on your Student card
  3. Submit Progress Reports detailing your contributions and experience
    • Note: Before your first report will be reviewed, you must provide proof that you were at least half-way through your undergraduate degree before the start of the reporting period.
    • Submit these two documents to the Director of Admissions as proof:

      1. Pre-Grad Course Mapping (PDF), and
      2. Academic Registration History (Transcripts) with your name on it
    • You only need to submit this documentation once for verification
    • Also, split your reports according to continuous stretches of employment or supervision. For example, if you worked a 4-month term, then report the four months, but if you worked for 6 or 8 months straight, submit one longer, more detailed report. Similarly, if you changed Supervisors in a term, split your reports according to supervisor since there is only place for one supervisor to comment on the report, and they should not comment on work with which they are not familiar
    • Reports that are a copy and paste from previous reports will be REJECTED
  4. After you submit a Progress Report, and your Supervisor and possible Mentor have submitted their comments, and we have verified that you have obtained at least 58 credit hours towards your undergraduate degree, your report will become eligible for review at an Experience Review Committee (ERC) meeting
  5. Your report will be assigned to a volunteer P.Eng. or P.Geo. reviewer with a similar discipline as you. This assignment depends on the availability and existing case load of these volunteer reviewers
  6. After review, feedback will be provided through your online profile
  7. You can contact the Director of Admissions if you need assistance

'Paper' progress reports will no longer be accepted; Students must submit their reports online.


The Association is always looking for ways to improve the Student program. We welcome your suggestions.

Please provide suggestions to your Vice Stick External > vse@umes.mb.ca, who will then deliver them to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.