A Day in the Life of an Engineer or Geoscientist

But, what do they do all day?

Engineers and geoscientists have such diverse working conditions, it can be difficult to know if they are careers you would like to pursue.

Here are a few professionals who have offered to let you know what their day-to-day work life entails.

[Mpho Begin, P.Eng.]

Mpho Begin, P.Eng. works with a pharmacy technology company as Supervisor of the Customer Support team to make sure clients can harnesses the power of pharmacy automation to ensure medications are prepared safely, for patients all over the world.

[Katrine Levesque, EIT]

Katrine Levesque, EIT works as a Civil Engineer-in-Training for an engineering consulting firm where she works in the structural group on bridge projects that will be around 100 years from now, and impact the lives of many people.

[Nhi Le, P.Eng.]

Nhi Le, P.Eng. is a Design Engineer who loves designing tools, building prototypes, and solving problems. She was planning on attending Medical School after studying Biosystems Engineering, but fell in love with engineering first.

[Cory Vitt, P.Eng.]

Cory Vitt, P.Eng. works as an Approvals Engineer in the Office of Drinking Water of the Manitoba Government. Considering technical and regulatory solutions for complex issues can make real impact for communities, such as bringing access to clean drinking water.

[Kathryn Dompierre, P.Eng.]

Kathryn Dompierre, P.Eng. is a Research and Development Engineer for a software company that provides geotechnical and environmental engineers a modeling tool to improve the safety and security of their projects. As a technical expert, she gives workshops, provides technical support, manages learning materials, and tests new features of their software.