Disciplinary Hearings and Notices

Upcoming Hearings

Citations published by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba contain unproven allegations against a practitioner that will be considered at a discipline hearing. The purpose of the discipline hearing is to determine the validity of the allegations.

Hearings are open to the public. Anyone interested in attending should contact Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba in advance to confirm the time and location of the hearing. Please contact the Director of Professional Standards.

Hearing Type and DatesDetails
Appeal Panel of Council

September 28, 29, 2022

File 13.01 - V.J. Thielmann, P.Eng.

Discipline Committee hearing complete; final order signed June 28, 2022

Discipline Committee

Date - TBD

File 14.12 - F.D. Wolfrom, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced March 18, 2022. Further hearing date: May 11, 2022. On hold - awaiting results of appeal for file 14.14.

Discipline Committee

Date - TBD

File 14.14 - F.D. Wolfrom, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced March 18, 2022. Interlocutory appeal to the courts (November 1, 2022).

Discipline Committee

Date - TBD

File 14.16 - F.D. Wolfrom, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced March 23, 2022. Awaiting scheduling of next dates.

Discipline Committee

Date - TBD

File 19.07 - J.A. Manness, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced October 28, 2021. Awaiting scheduling of next dates.

Discipline Committee

December 8, 9, 12, 13, 2022

File 20.06 - F.D. Wolfrom, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced December 20, 2021.

Discipline Committee

February 27, 28, March 1, 2023

File 20.15 - M.I. Matar, P.Eng.

Hearing commenced January 12, 2022.

Discipline Committee

September 29, 2022

File 20.19 - P.M. Dorn, P.Eng.

Commencement only

Published Decisions

Discipline decisions are published here in accordance with section 50 of the Engineering and Geoscientific Professions Act.

Practitioners whose license has been suspended, cancelled, or who have resigned their registration are not permitted to practise professional engineering or geoscience, or use the titles professional engineer (P.Eng.), professional geoscientist (P.Geo.), or specified scope of practice licensee (Eng.L, Geo.L).

Details of the circumstances relevant to the finding of unskilled practice of professional engineering or professional geoscience, or the finding of professional misconduct, are available by clicking on the individual's name or the title of the discipline document.

Effective DatePractitioner
February 17, 2021File 19.05 - Stephen Petrovich
November 10, 2020File 20.02 - Norman Garcia
July 14, 2020 File 20.03 - John Arthur
June 12, 2019 File 18.07 - Brad Ellis

When practitioners have completed their suspension and/or all conditions from a disciplinary order, or when their registration is no longer subject to practice restriction(s) due to disciplinary actions taken by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, they are moved to the list below.

Date of ReprieveName
December 22, 2021File 18.13 - John Friesen
March 13, 2021 File 17.07 - William Hanuschak
November 30, 2020File 17.08 - Pavel Ast
July 27, 2020 File 15.10 - William Hanuschak
June 29, 2020 File 20.07 - Stephen Petrovich
February 14, 2020File 19.06 - Plagiarism (name withheld)
March 31, 2019 File 16.17 - John Rocke