The earliest opportunity to get involved with the Association is while obtaining your undergraduate degree.

You must be an undergraduate student attending either the University of Manitoba, accepted into the Faculty of Engineering, either in direct entry or second year and have designated your department of study; or be an undergraduate Geoscience student at either the University of Manitoba or Brandon University.

Graduate students, master's or Ph.D. level, at the University of Manitoba or Brandon University are also eligible to become a student with the Association if their undergraduate degree is not in engineering or geoscience.

Benefits of being a Student of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Enrolling as a student is not mandatory, however, there are benefits:

  • Become familiar with Association procedures before you apply for admission as an intern after your graduation
  • Have access to a work log document, where you can keep track of work experiences in the format required to submit in the Competency-Based Assessment Reporting System once you become an Intern
  • Have access to the Association's online learning modules, such as Introduction to Professionalism, Code of Ethics, and Good Character
  • Receive weekly communication from the Association with news, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
  • Receive copies of The Keystone Professional the Association's quarterly publication
  • Receive information on Association Chapters
  • Become eligible for discounted Association events, such as the Ingenium professional development conference
  • Become eligible for scholarships
  • Write the ABC Test before becoming an Intern

Have you recently Graduated?

If you have recently graduated and are working in Manitoba or intend to work in Manitoba, you should enroll promptly as an intern. If you are a graduate who is planning to work or study outside of Manitoba, you should contact the provincial Association in that province to consider your best options.

Student Application Process