Pre-Registration / Intern Program

As of September 2022, all new interns follow the Competency-Based Assessment instead of this previous experience review process. These details are for reference only, until the last applicants get registered or switch to CBA.

The pre-registration program was a mandatory pre-requisite to registration as a professional member of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

To be eligible for the pre-registration program, you must either hold a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) accredited undergraduate degree, or complete an Academic Assessment, to be deemed academically qualified to enroll as an intern.

Once you are enrolled as an intern you will have to complete the following requirements:

You must obtain employment under the supervision of a professional engineer or professional geoscientist, who is registered with the Association and will assume responsibility for your work, while you prove you have the knowledge and skills necessary to register as a professional engineer or geoscientist.

Those who do not have a direct P.Eng. or P.Geo. supervisor will be required to find a mentor who is registered to sign off on their progress reports. Comments from both the direct supervisor and the mentor will be required. [more]


Complete and submit your Application for the Intern Program.

Staff Support

The Pre-Registration Program Coordinator oversees the program and prepares the Experience Review Committee agenda. Contact them if you have questions about the pre-registration requirements.